Commission Statements Printing- OneClick Commissions

Commission Statements Reporting and Printing is Much Easier with OneClick Commissions
Benefits for finance, payroll and sales managers How it works Pricing Free trial

Commission Statements Printing- OneClick Commissions

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Commission Statements Printing- OneClick Commissions
Benefits for Finance, Payroll and Sales Managers

Do you dread the end of every pay period when you have to prepare and distribute sales commission statements? If you are like most managers you maintain  sales data in an Excel spreadsheet. Excel is great for calculating commissions but it’s no fun to prepare sales commission statements and distribute them. The process of copy/paste from Excel to a statement is time consuming, frustrating and prone to error. How many times has a sales person shown up at your door asking a question about their sales commission statement?

OneClick Commissions helps you:
  • Print and Distribute Sales Commission Statements in Seconds
  • Stop Wasting Time Using Copy/Paste in Excel
  • Eliminate Time Consuming Errors
  • Create Management Reports With Ease
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How OneClick Commissions Works

Using your  completed sales commission spreadsheet, OneClick Commissions prepares the statements for review. Once you are satisfied, professional statements are prepared in a PDF format and can be emailed or printed in moments. The result is professional looking sales commission statements with virtually no effort or hassles. Sign up for our free trial to see how great they look.

OneClick Commissions is a web based application (sometimes called cloud based or Software as a Service) and is easily accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection. A web based application is constantly updated to ensure new features and capabilities are available when they are completed, not when a service pack is released.


OneClick Commissions is cost effective and affordable for every size business. Starting at $20 a month you will be able to print statements for up to five sales persons per month. For 6 to 25 sales people the cost is $50 a month.  For over 25 sales people the cost is $100 per month. No long term commitment is required and you may cancel at any time.

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