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Sales Commission Statement Software for Excel Reports 

Nirvaha Releases OneClick Commissions Sales Commission Statement Product

It’s time for business managers to regain hours a month and reduce aggravation from creating sales commission statements. Now, professional looking sales commission statements can be created and distributed to sales representatives, managers and payroll in seconds.


Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) March 15, 2011

Monitoring, calculating and paying sales commissions is a key job responsibility for many business managers. Thanks to a number of great tools such as Microsoft Excel this task is relatively easy to perform. However, at the end of every pay period each business manager has to endure the time wasting process of copy/paste to create individual sales commission statement for their sales representatives, management and payroll. Like every manual process, it is prone to error and wastes hours that are better spent elsewhere.

To solve this problem Nirvaha has released OneClick Commissions, the cloud based web application designed specifically to create professional looking sales commission statements from Excel commission spreadsheets.

Using OneClick Commissions, business managers use their existing Excel commission tracking spreadsheet and quickly create statements for individual sales representatives, for specific regions, product lines, or other categories. OneClick Commissions quickly creates individual PDF files with only the selected details. A click of a mouse and these statements are sent to each recipient in moments.

According to Tom Brubaker, EVP of Sales and Product Management at Nirvaha, "We've seen tremendous demand for Nirvaha's technology and wanted to extend our product portfolio to include a web based application that meets the needs of the small and medium size business manager who wastes hours every month on the relatively mundane, yet important task of producing sales commission statements.”

Interested companies can take advantage of the OneClick Commission free trial and see how easy it is to take a complex Excel sales commission spreadsheet and quickly create statements for sales representatives, payroll and management. Distribution and printing of these statements is done in seconds without further copy/paste.

About OneClick Commissions

OneClick Commissions, created by Nirvaha is an online sales commission statement service that generates reports and statements for management, payroll and sales representatives from your Excel sales commission spreadsheets. OneClick Commissions eliminates the need to copy/paste and lets you send one or hundreds of sales commission statements in seconds. For more information email, or visit our website at

Sales Commission Statement Software for Excel Reports